We  preserve land and the natural waterways

and wildlife around it. Forever. 

This Land is Your Land.

When the Trust began in the late 1960's Rachel Carlson's "Silent Spring" was still fresh in a lot of people's minds. The environment was under assault. Many of our rivers were polluted. The summertime air was  hazy with smog. Suburban sprawl was eating up an increasing amount of our acreage. As in many other communities, a Land Trust was formed by local citizens to do what they could, to counter the negative effects of progress. Their hearts were in the right place. Today, the rivers are cleaner, the air cleaner and some very nice pieces of property have been protected. The urgency of protecting land may not be what it once was, but the benefits of having so much land in the area extend to everyone. Our quality of life is improved.



​1 acre west side of Guerdat Road, access  to our McLean property.

2 acres on the  west side of Lover's Lane, contains the Cowles Dam.

Two parcels; trails, woodland, birding

87 acres (total) near Hillandale Blvd. and Penny Lane.

Timberlake East

Woodland buffering active farmland.

8.5 acres

University Drive; scenic views

10 acres

George Allen Property

University Drive.; woodland buffering Torrington Water Company

67 acres

Harold Burns Property

Four Story Lane.

(This acquisition eventually led to the larger Ronda Burns acquisition.)

.3 acres

Hogan Property

Weed Rd.; woodland bordering on Bantam River

20 acres

Lester Tract

Lover’s Lane brook; beautiful stonewalls and wildlife. 10.5 acres.

Brooks Property

Goshen Rd., bordering on First Ecclesiastic Cemetery and Water Company watershed.

16.5 acres

McLean Property

Newfield Rd.

.2 acres


Goshen Rd.; 14.5 wooded acres with views, abuts farmland.

Graham Wildlife Refuge

2.31 acres

Mountain Rd.

3 acres: gardens for seniors


Borders  Paugnut State Forest

4 acres


Woodlands and wetlands

3 parcels of land, approximately 29 acres, off White Pine Rd.

Ronda Burns Tract


35 acres west of Wyoming Ave.

Carriage Lane

Wildlife Habitat

7 acres of off Carriage Lane on city’s east side.

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Pfistner Property

Roberts St.

.67 acres bordering rest home.

Sawmill Estates

Between Newfield Road and Cardinal Circle; woodland, wildlife

34 acres

Stillwater Pond Rd.; marsh woodland and dramatic rockfall. Donated by Theresa Shirer. 20 acres

Open Field

6 ½ acres at the corner of John Brown Road and University Drive.

Leona Zele Property

4 acres along Winsted Rd north of Kennedy Drive

Leon Zele Property

Woodland, wildlife sanctuary

13 acres off Kennedy Drive, north of city’s Alvord Park

Oneglia Property

Winsted Rd.; bordering Sue Grossman Bike Path

12 acres

Trobel Property

New Litchfield St, marsh

20.4 acres

Fragale Property

Hassig Rd.; marsh

15.6 acres

Santa Maria Property

Santa Maria Drive

2 acres 

LaGanga Property

Hayden Hill Rd.; woodland

3 acres

Church St.; the dam is the last vestige of the Brass Industry in Torrington

12 acres. The prettiest spot on the river in downtown!

Blinkoff Property

Felicity Drive; one of our first acquisitions, practice for what ensued

.36 acres.

Hewitt Property

Off Westside Lane; landlocked.  Originally was reserved as a woodlot for the first settlers in town. 16 acres. Above is Allen Stickles, former officer of the Trust, thanking Gertrude Hewitt for her donation of land.

Starks Road

Borders Paugnut State Forest