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The Allen Stickles property is a 14.5 acre piece on the south side of Goshen Road. It is bounded to the east by the old Ducci property, (which once belonged to Stickles), to the south by Klug Farm (one of the last remaining dairy operations in the area), and stretches to the west a little past where University Drive comes out. It is a wooded lot with nice stone walls and some ledge outcroppings. There isn't much in the way of level land on it, but the views from the property, while not very far-ranging, are pretty.

Partly because of his agricultural background, Stickles was an early environmentalist. Like many of the Trust's founders, Stickles served on Torrington's Conservation Commission first, serving as chairman. A charter member and president of HLPT, he was also president of the Litchfield County Farm Bureau and an active member of the First Ecclesiastical Cemetery Association.

Stickles was named after his grandfather, George Allen, a longtime first selectman and  state representative. The family farm was at the corner of Goshen Road and University Drive.

Allen Road, Allen Dam and the Allen block downtown are all named after members of this family, which have long ties to this area.  Joseph Allyn, who settled in this town around 1760, was a Revolutionary War veteran who served during the Battle of Long Island. Our 68 acre Allen tract was also part of this farm.



somewhere on Red Mountain is a stone with an Indian head chiseled on it by Alan. He used a nickle as a model.